General conditions

VISITOURS.ES is an Internet domain and a Trademark by VISITOURS EXCURSIONES, S.L and B-41739202, entered in the Commercial Register of Sevilla as a Travel Agency located in 32 th Torricelli Street in Sevilla. The use of the services on the webpage of VISITOURS.ES implies the acceptance of the following general conditions and terms of use.


Terms of use

  • The use of website or any affiliated page implies that you are subjet to these legal terms which will be immediately operative.
  • If you do not accept all the following terms and conditions,please do not access or use or any of our affiliated pages.
  • is authorized to alter these terms or conditions according to the circumstances,rendering these alterations on the web page.Please,rewiew these terms and conditions to make sure you are informed about the changes conveyed by, implying the acceptance of all the conditions and legal terms.
  • You may not copy ,reproduce,publish,unload,distribute,transmit or make it available to the public or any further use exclusive contents of, (textss,images,U R L,fares information,etc ) without the approval of unless it is an exclusively personal use with a non commercial purpose.Any further use of the contents of requires a written approval in advance from
  • The customer accepts the use of under the terms exclusively allowed by the law in a manner that does not go contrary to the legal rights of, restrict or inhibit the rights conveyed in the terms and general conditions.


Conditions, modifications and changes.

  • All the products,trips,and services offered by are available on the dates listed on is not held responsible or legally responsible for any kind of information which is not directly provided by this company.
  • will not charge with an additional cost any kind of cancelallations for alterations related to booking dates made rightly, once the request is sent to our Customer Service Department provided it is four days prior to the confirmation date for the contracted service and/or excursion.
  • Those requests concerning date changes and/or alterations are subject to the availability of our providers.In these cases cannot guarantee the fulfilment of the service for the above explained case,that is, the change of date requests.
  • Occasionally, our providers can include some alterations concerning the date of services,prices modifications,legal cover,requirements in the shifts mof age for a price adjustment, etc. As a result, always has the authority to cancel,change and/or replace the services,excursions or admission fees wchich have already been booked through, at any moment or for any justified reason.
  • In the cases that, through our agents,providers holds the information in advance for a significant change of our trips,services,entrance fees,etc for these circumstances will be able to modify or reestablish the booking(s) when feasibly possible.


Fares,inclusions and exclusions

  • The prices listed by are valid per person,unless a different case can be specified.
  • The prices are subject to alterations without notice,otherwise your booking has alrady been confirmed.
  • The prices do not include tips for the assistant guides,local guides,drivers,any additional costs of management by telematic means,as well as lugagge, particular insurance policies,any kind of personal belongings.Prices do not include drinks or food unless they have been previously listed as“Included” on the website.


Pagos y cancelaciones

  • accepts the following cards : Mastercard,Visa, American Express.
  • No additional charge will be conveyed by during the telematic payment proccess.
  • The payment by credit card or by telematic means will be required for making reservations.The payment will be listed under the name of on the voucher.
  • Once the trip or service starts,no redemption can be obtained.
  • To cancel a reservation made by may imply an additional cost held by for the following cases:
  • For cancelling bookings through,the client will be telematically informed that the is aware of it.
  • If the customer cancels with more than four calendar days in advance regarding the start of the contracted service,there will be no extra charge and cancellation.
  • If the customer cancels with less than four calendar days regarding the start of the contracted service,there will be no redemption. So, a 100% of the cost must be charged.


Bonos de confirmación.

  • The customer will be sent a e-mail with the confirmation voucher, giving the details for each trip and/or contracted service to be rendered to the provider when the service or activity begins
  • For security reasons,whe the customer hands the confirmation voucher to the provider,the customer may be asked for a document (Identity Card,Passport) to be identified. It is due to identification reasons that help to prevent fraud.
  • We kindly request you to consider that your voucher might be seized by the provider and promptly invalidated with no refund if the identity does not suit the conformation voucher.
  • We do recommend you to contract a trip insurance policy before leaving, because if you cancel your services/activities and /or alter the dates of travel many policies will refund you the cost of cancellations as well as other additional payments.


Renuncias y límites legales.

  • Under no circumstance or its agents,affiliates,providers or suppliers will be held responsible for the following losses or damage,related to the following cases (unless those losses or damage could be predictable and clearly attributable to : (a) Loss of information ;(b) Loss of a refund or advaced payment; Loss of business; (d) Loss of opportunity cost; (e) Bad faith or or reputation damage; (f) Losses suffered by third parties or (g) +Any derivative direct consequence or damage resulting from the wrong use of as to form and action are concerned.
  • As to management handled by hotels,excursions,transportation,or any service in connection with the itineraries, Visitours and its agents and providers will be never held responsible for damage,loss,accidents,dalays or irregularities,during the contracted service.
  • Moreover, and its agents and providers will not accept any kind of legal responsibility for maladies,thefts,labor disputes,mechanical breakdown, government restrictions,acts of war and/or terrorism,weather conditions,technical faults or related harms,being the causes not attributable beyond the professional service provided.
  • checks and revise all the details concerning the services it renders.However,it might be possible thatVisitours finds occasional problems to guarantee the functionality ,contents and information on its website due to probable computer viruses,never put down to


Presentación en el servicio contratado.

  • For a good functionality of the contracted service we kindly request you to be present 10 minutes prior to the time stated on the voucher/ticket.



  • In the case of delays for contracted services from airports,train and bus stations as well as hotels or contracted places,,as a courtesy, will wait up to a maximum of 60 minutes with regard to the contracted time,with no kind of additional charge.
  • In the case of a more than 60 minutes delay with regard to the contracted hour,provided the client make it known in advance, will wait longer than those minutes of courtesy, but the charge will be passed on to the customer and this costs will be conveyed on our website.
  • Finally, when the delay is longer than the courtesy minutes and the agency has no notice from the client, will cancel the car and driver Service and the customer will be charged 100% of the total cost of the transfer and /or services.


Inscriptions through implies the acceptance and conformity of the company.